Day: July 24, 2017

The Best Ducks To Look Out For While Travelling And How To Hunt Them

When it comes to duck hunting you would have a lot of things to think about. First comes the places that are ideal for duck hunting. Then comes the best ducks to look out for while travelling. You would then have to know about the various types of ducks. This would help you to hunt the right one based on your objective. While you are travelling, look out for Northern Shoveler, Scaup, Blue Winged Teal, Coot, Canvasback, Wood Duck, Pintailand others. These are the most popular choices of ducks for eating.

Tips to choose from the best duck hunting waders:

  1. Look at the material:

This is the most crucial consideration in making the decision. This would depend on your preference- would you need something that is absolutely waterproof or something that is more breathable? This again depends on the weather in the region where you would be going duck hunting. You definitely might not want something that would make you feel too hot on a warm summer afternoon.

  1. Bootfoot Vs Stockingfoot:

As the name indicates, Bootfoot waders are those that come with the attached boots. You don’t have to hunt for a pair to go with your waders. Stockingfoot waders simply include socks and you would have to choose a separate pair of boots for them. These are however easier to clean and are lightweight too.

  1. Sizing matters:

Especially when you choose a bootfoot you would definitely have to try out the wader before buying it. If the wader seems to fit right but the boot size somehow turns out uncomfortable it would spoil the whole deal. Also, remember to choose something that is easy to maintain. Durability is another feature that cannot be ignored as well. Putting these together would help you pick waders that are worth the money spent.…

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