Month: October 2017

Capturing those wavy moments


Water, waves and clear sky are always so inviting locations, which never send anyone disappointed. Waves are so magical in nature that keeps one coming back for more. It tells life lessons to keep going, no matter what comes on the way!

Wedding clicks are meant to be taken at places that have some meaning, either to the wedding ritual itself or to any of the couples nature and behaviour. We see many people opting for a simple outdoor candid moment, that capture the essence of beauty. Few people are spotted capturing clicks at the sea!

Wedding photography near the sea has much meaning to be imbibed into the life of a human. The ever flowing sea talks about staying consistent in the work we do, in the relations that we hold. It says about staying active and in motion, all the times. The wave that erupts specifies the anger, and the calm down represents the cooling of the mind. Overall, the sea represents human life, which has a purpose and direction, routine when followed religiously leads to a satisfied life.

The reason for people choosing the seascape, if not the above meaningful reason, it can also simply state the calm loving person or people involved. The every calm sky spread over the sea, with its sober and bright hues that reflect in the water is a treat to the eyes.

Here are few more reasons to it:

  • Sea offers various lighting conditions
  • It is few of the creative locations available naturally, no props needed.
  • Weather is most of the times apt for the clicks
  • The water reflects natural light, to maximum extent possible
  • There are always random strangers available on the shores
  • Sea clicks don’t need any Photoshop work since the background and foreground work is an absolute
  • You can have fun at the sea, no matter what!

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