Month: November 2017

How to Make Traveling with Your Cat Easier

If you have already traveled with your cat before, you probably know how difficult it is to keep your cat pleased and happy during the traveling process. With the cat constantly crying out for food, water, or discomfort, driving or sitting in the passenger’s sit isn’t an easy task. You always must care for it, even if you yourself are feeling nauseous or car-sick because that’s what you must deal with when you take your cat along with you when traveling.


There is one solution that is obvious when it comes to a task like this and that is to hire a pet sitter or keep your cat at a pet center while you are on your trip. However, if you do this, your pet will feel left out or lonely and you will also miss your pet while you are on your trip. This is, however, the easiest way to keep your pet feeling better without feeling sick and will keep you feeling less stressed out on your trip as well.


Recommended Solutions


First, a solution that we recommend is to get a cat carrier. The cat carrier will help you out in many aspects, including a water feeder, a litter pad, ventilation mesh, and a lot more that will keep your pet satisfied on the trip. With a cat carrier, you will no longer have to change out the water bowl or feed your cat because the carrier will do it all for you. Since these carriers aren’t that expensive and come with these features without additional cost, we highly recommend that you get it if you are planning on going on a trip and want your pet feeling as safe and comfortable as possible without giving you too much trouble.


Second, we recommend that you visit the vet for medication that will help your pet stay asleep or less nauseous while traveling. This will help greatly during the car-ride process because your cat won’t feel the need to eat, drink, or use the litter pad if it is sleeping. This is a solution that we also use when we get on airplanes, so this is a recommended solution for pets as well. However, don’t use these kinds of medication too often, but use it once or twice because too much might damage your cat’s liver.


Third, try to hold your cat in your arms and cradle it if it starts crying or meowing a lot because that’s a sign that it needs comfort to feel safe. Although this may be uncomfortable to hold your cat in your arms for a few minutes, we recommend that you do so until it starts feeling sleepy or stops crying, and then put it down where it was previously and leave it alone until it starts up again.




Although traveling with your cat may feel stressful, uncomfortable, and bothering in general, we recommend that you take your cat along on some trips because it will strengthen your bond between you and your pet and will also let you make memories with your cat.…

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