Day: December 28, 2017

Tips for Stress-Free Travelling

There are people who love to travel and others who absolutely loathe it. Moving from one place to another, having to pack for the journey and changing modes of transportation can get hectic. However, there are a few simple tips that you can easily follow to ensure a stress-free journey.

  1. Making a checklist

When you know you are going to be away for a few days, make a checklist that comprises of chores to be done before you leave your home and of things to do before you start your trip. For example, clean out the garbage, switch off the mains, ensure all taps are turned off, pack your luggage, things to take, book a cab and so on must be added to your checklist. This will make sure that you do not miss out anything important at the last minute.

  1. Packing only the essentials

This is an important point to remember. Never pack your entire wardrobe. Pack only what you might not get in the place you are travelling to and what you essentially need. There is a huge difference between “need” and “want”. So, decide accordingly. Moreover, get a luggage that is lightweight and easy to handle, for example, a four-wheel trolley or a backpack is good travel-friendly luggage. Many people have got a great backpack from here. Packing light will help you move around the journey with ease, thus reducing tension on the move.

  1. Dress light

Do not overdo your dressing. Dressing comfortably and according to the season will help you overcome irritations due to heat or cold and avoid motion sickness to some extent.

  1. Being prepared

Make sure you have your phones charged, sufficient cash for the journey, tickets printed, cabs booked well in advance to avoid last minute cancellations by cab drivers are a few of the things that will help you be prepared for any unexpected turn of events.

  1. Being in-time

Now, this is a golden rule. There is no point you have followed the above four rules but appear late to the airport or station. Your whole journey stands cancelled. Hence, always make it a point to arrive not “on time” but “in time”.

All these simple points will make sure you have a relaxed journey and will help you enjoy the course.…

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