Month: May 2018

Avoiding Basic Travel Mistakes

Travelling can be fun and exciting. One tends to get carried away looking at posters, movies, and advertisements, which leads to them committing certain mistakes that can be avoided otherwise.

Here are a few such traveling mistakes one can avoid:

  • Not Enough Research – One of the most common mistakes done by travelers is not doing enough research. They go by the information given by the travel agent or the brochure. One must understand that these agents and brochures are working towards making your travel look tempting and increasing the number of takers for the same. They are not going to highlight the negatives or even mention the problems one could face.

Do your own research to understand more about the place you are visiting. This way you will be well prepared and can make arrangements accordingly. Be it the weather, food or commute, when you are mentally prepared, your travel is less stressful.

  • Wrong Sources – when you get information about the basic travel, destination etc, ensure you get them from trusted sources like lastminuteweb sunweb. Getting information from unknown sources may not be reliable. Also, there will be many websites that carry information from other travelers. While such information can be very useful, they can be skewed. One cannot make travel plans based on one person’s experience. It is always better to get your information double checked with alternate sources.
  • Over Expectations – Again, one should not get carried away with posters and advertisements. The photos in the brochures given to you can be very misleading, thanks to the various software in place today. Keep your expectations real and if you are not sure what to expect, browse online for a more reliable set of photographs and information.

At the end of all this, one must give room for personal experience and form opinions accordingly. Going with a set mind frame can lead to disappointments.…

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Are You Travel The Right Way? These Tips Will Help You

Travelling around the world and exploring different countries, cultures, and cuisines can be intriguing. However, the most important thing to understand is how to travel the right way else traveling may be tiresome. Here is a look at how you can accomplish this with ease.

  1. Research Ahead – The internet has a plethora of information. Hence, it is a good practice to know about the place you intend to visit. Learn about the prominent tourist attractions, local cuisines, cheap accommodation options like homestays and some of the common phrases and expressions in the local language to earn some friends.
  2. Plan Your Itinerary – Once you have researched well, plan a day & time wise itinerary to cover all major landmarks, to try all local food, and to experience the local culture.
  3. Travel Light – Travelling light is very important to travel right. Excess baggage could lead to extra baggage charges at the airports, difficulty in handling extra luggage, restricted movement and constant worry about baggage.
  4. Do Not Forget Your Essentials – Along with your luggage, make a list of all the essential items to carry such as money, fully charged the phone, tickets, passport and relevant identity cards.
  5. Be Insured – It is safe to purchase travel insurance to save you from major accidents that can happen while traveling such as medical needs, baggage losses, etc…

It is now clear that traveling can be a lot of fun, especially if you are traveling right. However, fun comes at a cost but there are ways that you can discover on how to travel for free. Yes, it is possible if you know where to get what, for example, taking up online surveys, writing reviews on travel sites, being a part of global volunteering organizations, earning travel gift cards & vouchers or swapping houses.…

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Can I Travel On A Plane With A Sex Toy?

Planning for a vacation? Great! That too a lovey-dovey one? Then, double great! But, don’t forget to take along the sex toys of love plugs if not already decided to completely experience a steamy vacation! So, what if you are traveling by plane? Isn’t plane big enough and sturdy enough to carry your sex toy(s)? Jokes apart, you can certainly travel on a plan with your kinky device lying discreetly in your luggage but, still, if you are hesitant, the below-mentioned 5 tips can help you handle your plane travel successfully without inviting any special attention, ahem!

  • Dismantle the batteries

While sex toys are not considered one among the banned items by most of the nations, you need not deliberately invite the attention of the authorities that can cause you little embarrassments and therefore,it is always better to remove the batteries from the sex toys to avoid them accidentally making their loud presence to the authorities and to the world present there.

  • Place it in a clear, sealed bag

Put your sex toy always in a clear, sealed bag like the Ziploc ones so that without having to remove, the authorities can easily inspect the contents, also without causing any embarrassments to you!

  • Consider the size of your toy

Tools longer than 7 inches are not encouraged in a carry-on baggage and therefore if you are not willing to check-out your luggage then, do carry the right size to avoid any implications.

  • Avoid banned items

As stated earlier, there are no explicit bans on carrying the sex toys during your plane journey but, if your sex toy fall under one of those banned categories like ‘sharp ones’ liquid or gel ones in the case of lubricators, it is always better to put them in the checked luggage to avoid any unwanted suspicions and legal implications.

  • Be honest

If you are confronted with your sex toy, only be honest to attest it is a sex toy as that would easily encourage the authority to allow you move forward with your journey!

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