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Soccer Cleats And How They Came Into Existence

The most interesting and stylish Soccer gear has to be the Soccer cleat. The unique design of soccer cleat and its name have a history that dates back to almost the 16th century when King Hencry VIII wore his first pair of Soccer boots that were hand-stitched. Since then, these humble pair of shoes have undergone quite a transformation into today’s stylish, super-fast soccer cleats.

The invention of studs

True to their name, the very first Soccer boots looked like boots, were made of leather and were ankle high with steel toe-caps. Then as the interest for the game increased and for want of better traction, the players hammered in metal studs to their boots. But these did not come without its own disadvantages as they caused very bad injuries to players.

Stud regulation

To put an end to the injuries caused by studs, a rule was implemented in 1863 to ban the use of studs such as plates, nails or gutta-percha.

This was a big blow to the players but the demand quickly gave rise to a newer type of stud. The 1880s saw the appearance of leather studs but these were not allowed to project beyond an inch from the sole. They were also required to be round rather than sharp to prevent any injuries.

The early 20th century

The first replaceable and nailed studs were used in the 1920s but they served more as a protective gear than to improve performance.

But the real big evolution of the soccer cleat happened between 1940 and 1960. It was during this period that the legendary Adidas and Puma shoes came into existence. Soon other manufacturer’s joined suit and before they knew there were many brands manufacturing Soccer cleats.


The Soccer cleats of today are more stylish, much lighter and come with replaceable stud options. You can choose them not only based on the turf but also according to your style and budget.


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